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Microdermabrasion Before & After Care

Pre-Treatment Instruction:

  • If combining treatment with a peel, do not use Accutane (acne medication) for several months before treatment

  • Do not engage in any laser treatments one month before and one month after your treatment

  • Do tell your clinician if you have:

    • Used Accutane recently

    • Had any recent facial surgery or radiation

    • A herpes infection in the therapy area

    • Any allergies to medication

    • any immune deficiencies


Post-Treatment Instruction:

Do not apply Retin-A, Tazorac, Renova, or Differin (also acne medication) for ~24 hours after treatment.

Day One of the Microdermabrasion Treatment

  • Your skin may be a little tender and red. This is normal. If you have any “rug burns”, apply a small amount of the ointment that your clinician will provide. “Rug burns”, while they can be bothersome, are not a concern and in fact represent an area that will show good improvement when healed. For complete healing, keep these areas moist with the ointment—usually around three days. Use skin care products as instructed.

Days two and three after the Microdermabrasion Treatment

  • Your skin should have a glow, and you should be enjoying the results of your microdermabrasion treatment. Return to the use of your products as instructed by your clinician.

Day Four after the Microdermabrasion Treatment

  • If your face feels dry and tight, gentle exfoliation can help. Our recommendation is to use a gentle mask in the shower when your face is wet.

  • REMEMBER YOUR SUNSCREEN EVERYDAY! Consult your clinician if you have any questions or concerns.

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